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The Best Internet Provider in New Brunswick



This internet provider in New Brunswick come with different speeds and plans. But not all were created equal. In fact, there is this one provider that stands out.


While other internet providers in New Brunswick have cable, fiber or DSL internet services, Xplornet is the only company that offers fixed wireless internet to a lot of rural areas. This makes them different and the best among the rest. Here are the four good reasons why.


Decades of Experience

Because Xplornet has been in the telecommunications industry for over a decade, it is undeniably the best internet provider in New Brunswick and one of Canada’s leading broadband service providers. Xplornet is actually the largest rural fixed wireless broadband service provider in the country.


 Widest Coverage

It has been Xplornet’s goal that all Canadians from coast to coast have access to fast, reliable, high-speed internet wherever they live and how remote their area is. With that in mind, Xplornet installed hundreds of 4G and LTE fixed wireless network towers all across the country and that number is still growing. Xplornet won’t be known as the largest fixed rural broadband provider for nothing.


Innovative Technology

Because Xplornet uses a state-of-the-art fixed wireless network, they’re able to provide high-speed internet connection even in rural and remote areas. This makes them not only the best but the most remarkable internet provider in New Brunswick.


Fastest Download Speed

Xplornet is able to provide 25 MBPS download speed and up to 200 and 500 GB monthly data, highest consumable data for residential and business packages respectively. What’s in it for you?


This would mean you can watch your favorite Netflix show while 2 or 3 members of your family are playing their favorite video game and another one is browsing their social media account. Yes, all can be done simultaneously with a speed as high as 25 MBPS. On top of that, you can own up to 5 email accounts (so each household member can have their own email), home phone, internet security suite, web hosting service and service warranty.


So, residents of New Brunswick, this is your chance to experience the best internet technology. Take advantage of the high-speed internet from the best internet provider in New Brunswick. Contact the Xplornet dealer nearest you and be one of those who gets a top notch service from the best internet provider in New Brunswick.


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