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The Pros of Advanced Tech in Fredericton

Finding a company that offers top tier services across the board can be difficult. One company that does a good job of pleasing its customers on a consistent basis is Advanced Tech in Fredericton. Their multiple service offerings are always a great deal for customers that don’t want to deal with multiple companies. Having an all in one solution for your media and home security needs is good business, and it translates seamlessly to other areas like customer service. If any of the services below are on your radar, consider putting all of your eggs in one basket and making it a one company household.

When it comes to security systems from Advanced Tech in Fredericton, you’ll get up to date equipment and coverage on multiple fronts. Protection is granted not only from natural emergencies like fires and medical, but also from intrusions. Protect your home with intelligent monitoring that holds steady 24/7. Security products in the lineup include Linear Medical Alert System, DSC, Honeywell and Armstrong’s Intelligent monitoring. Within this group is something for everyone in any type of home or business.

Customers that demand the very best out of their media companies will flock to Shaw Direct or Xplornet.

Advanced Tech in Fredericton uses Xplornet for high speed internet, even in places where internet speeds may be lacking. As media is now becoming internet rich, it is as important as ever to have a reliable and fast internet connection. For customers that have TV that demands a good connection, this is a good combination to get the most out of your services. Make sure to prioritize your internet experience just as much as your television experience.

Along with internet, Xplornet home phone service is a fully featured calling service that comes in several packages. Rather than lock customers into getting features they will never use with a home phone, there are customized packages that give you access to only the features that you will generally use the most. This lowers cost over the long term and keeps you from spending on home phone features that are never used.

For more information call Advanced Tech at 1 (800) 689-3434 or (506) 472-1800. It will be the beginning of a relationship that you will wonder how you did without.

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