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Rural New Brunswick: Xplornet Hi Speed Internet Packages


Xplornet’s plan to deliver high-speed internet to rural New Brunswick back in 2008 has now become a reality. This was successfully launched back in 2014 which boasts of a 25 Mbps internet speed. Today, Xplornet Hi Speed Internet now offers different packages depending on your area.


This great advancement is a product of Xplornet’s investment in LTE (Long-Term Evolution) technology. LTE is now being used in Xplornet’s fixed wireless hi-speed internet network. Upgraded speeds were made available in many communities. It was in 2015 when all of Xplornet’s fixed wireless network in New Brunswick was upgraded. According to Xplornet’s President Allison Lenehan during the launching in 2015, “New Brunswick can now claim the fastest rural fixed wireless Internet speeds in Canada. However, per Lenehan, New Brunswick will just be the start since Xplornet’s goal is to make 25 Mbps high-speed Internet available across Canada by 2017.


This is a good opportunity for people to experience Xplornet Hi Speed Internet in rural New Brunswick since the demand for quality internet speed is now getting high. At this speed, Xplornet subscribers can now experience everything the Internet has to offer such as streaming or downloading HD content movies in Netflix. Entrepreneurs and small business owners can now be competitive and do business at a world-class level. “This is transformative speed,” said Lenehan, “only a few years ago this kind of speed would have been unimaginable. It’s hard to overstate the scale of this announcement, and the pride we feel.”


Xplornet Hi Speed Internet 25 Mbps speed is now accessible in rural areas around the communities of Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John, Miramichi, Dieppe, Sackville, Shediac, Bouctouche, Sussex, Woodstock, Grand Falls, and St. Stephen. Xplornet is also planning to expand this service to other communities hopefully in the near future. You may visit to see the packages available in your area.


Xplornet Communications Inc. believes that everyone should have “access to the transformative benefits of broadband Internet”.* Being the largest rural broadband service provider in Canada, they ensure that their service would be available everywhere, including areas that are not easy to reach. Since the launch of the Xplornet Hi Speed Internet, they have dynamically campaigned to highlight the benefits of this new hi-speed internet service. Canada’s vast geography has been a challenge and they have successfully overcome it through the positioning of LTE and 4G network, leveling up their hybrid technology network with the use of “fixed wireless towers on the ground and next-generation satellites in space. “*” Xplornet connects you to what matters”* so customers that live in towns, villages and outside major urban centers can now enjoy the fastest speed ever.


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