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Hi Speed Internet Installation The Xplornet Way


Ever heard of a satellite and fixed wireless Internet service? Yes, you read it right. These two kinds of Internet service from Xplornet are some of the latest in the field of internet or data technology. But what makes these two different from other internet services?  While the Satellite Hi-Speed Internet needs a satellite antenna and the Fixed Wireless Hi-Speed Internet needs a subscriber module, both produce high-speed internet despite the absence of phone or cable lines.  Having said that, we will explain how a hi speed internet installation is done the Xplornet way.


The hi speed internet installation process for satellite internet is not very complicated. For one, a certified Xplornet installer will man the job and not just any installer. He would make sure that the antenna is positioned on the most suitable location to the satellite, ensuring the best signal strength and optimal service level. The satellite antenna would then be either wall or roof mounted. The right length of Xplornet approved cables need to be run. Even the installation of the needed ground block would be according to local regulations.


Almost the same process is done for hi speed internet installation for Fixed Wireless Internet. A certified Xplornet installer would do the process as well. The only difference is that fixed wireless internet uses a subscriber module which should have a suitable line of sight to the Access Point. Then, a surge suppressor is also needed to protect the subscriber module from voltage spikes. The subscriber module also needs to be mounted according to local regulations.


Should any work that falls outside the standard installation be needed, additional charges may apply. All the installation procedure is finalized by running and testing the signal strength and ensuring that the expected service level is met and making sure that Internet browsing is up and running properly.


We can ensure that the quality of the Xplornet Hi Speed Internet Installation is always done to satisfy all customer needs. 


Xplornet sticks to its commitment to provide innovative broadband solutions to rural customers all across Canada. Xplornet believes that Canadians deserve the best so they offer data services through its unique wireless and satellite internet.


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