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Tips on How to Access Internet in Remote Areas



The demand of having an internet connection at home is growing. This is so true in this modern age. But how to access internet in remote areas is another story. In cities, internet access is not difficult, not to mention Wifi hotspots or mobile data that are available anywhere at your disposal. But what are the ways on how to access internet in remote areas?


The answer is availing the wireless high-speed Internet services from Xplornet. Residential and business customers can both take advantage of this technology.


Remember, Xplornet is sourcing their internet signal from its state-of-the-art fixed wireless towers and subscribers will be able to access internet in remote areas.


Once you become an Xplornet subscriber, you can receive up to a maximum of 25 MBPS download speed with 500 GB monthly data.


This is already good for streaming or downloading movies, downloading music and playing video games which can happen simultaneously. The same is available for business subscribers.


Please note that there are packages with lower speed and already good for browsing the internet and checking emails so it is important that you verify first which Xplornet package is suitable for your needs so you don’t have to waste money paying for higher speed.


But how will you know if Xplornet is available in your area? You can go to the Xplornet website and look for the interactive map. Click the province you are in to know which technology and services are available for you.


In other good news, you can customize your internet package according to your needs. You can add a home phone, Internet Security Suites (ISS) and Xplornet Xtra Care. Xplornet also offers web hosting solutions and Static IP addresses.


So it doesn’t matter where you are, Xplornet will teach you how to access internet in remote areas. All you need to do is visit their website and check the package assistant and see for yourself which Xplornet services you can get and how to access internet in remote areas. Or you can also call your local Xplornet dealer today for further assistance. This is to confirm the platforms and plans available at your exact location, as these would vary depending on network conditions and the quality of the signal.


For more information on XPlornet Hi speed Internet, call Advanced Tech at (800) 689-3434 or (506) 472-1800 and receive a no obligation quote today.



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