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Why You Should Get Xplornet Home Phone



Even though we live in today’s mobile world, there are still a couple of reasons why having a home phone is a good idea. Voice quality of home phones is generally better than most cell phones. Home phones also offer enhanced security as cell phones can easily be hacked. During an emergency, 911 operators can easily find you as your location is pinpointed if you use a landline.


However, there are hundreds of home phones out there. How would you know which one to choose?


Xplornet Home Phone is not your regular landline. It works through your Xplornet internet connection connected to the Xplornet Hub. It works like a regular landline but Xplornet Home phone offers more features at a cheaper price.


Installing Xplornet Home phone is so easy and convenient as no special phones or equipment are necessary to buy in order to use the service.


Xplornet Home Phone is complete with features like Voicemail, Voicemail to email, Call Display (optional), Call Waiting, Caller ID Block, Call Forward, Call Return, Call Screening, Do Not Disturb, Three-Way Calling, Directory Support, and E911 support.  


Xplornet Home Phone voicemail can even be accessed remotely after the default PIN has been changed. Voicemail messages can be forwarded to an email account which you can access from your phone or online. The Call Forward feature can be set up to forward calls at certain times of the day.


Another interesting feature of Xplornet Home Phone is the Find Me/Follow Me feature. Find Me directs your calls so that multiple phone lines will ring at the same time. The caller will be directed to the voicemail if none of those lines are answered. The Follow Me feature directs calls so that multiple phone lines are directed in sequential order. If none of the phones are available, the call will be passed on to voicemail.


The E911 or Enhanced 911 support validates the address through a call center before dispatching emergency services. This will work even after the Xplornet Home Phone is deactivated.


You can view your Home Phone usage online and the call detail usage will be displayed. There’s only one bill for Internet and Home Phone services.


Over 6 million calls have been made using Xplornet Home Phone, and about 32,000 long distance minutes were international calls. No doubt, Xplornet home phone is one of the leading home phones in Canada. Isn’t it time to get your own Xplornet Home Phone today?


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