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Which Xplornet Package is Right for My Needs


When choosing the right internet connection package, you may need to consider a lot of criteria. Gone are those days when getting the right internet service package is only about comparing prices and speeds. The fast-changing technology has introduced a lot of factors to consider before deciding. What kind of web user am I? Do I download stuff frequently? How many times do I do movie marathon? Am I a gaming addict? Answering these questions would actually help you answer the question about which Xplornet package is right for my needs.


It is important to know that there are also challenges while making this decision. For one, a lot of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have recently applied data caps or imposed limitation on the amount of data a subscriber can use in a month. But with the growing trend of Netflix viewing or multi-player gaming, subscribers may find it difficult to control the bandwidth consumed, which can greatly affect their wallet as well. So how do we really determine which Xplornet package is right for my needs?


First off, know what kind of web user are you? Since not all Xplornet packages are created equal, knowing your purpose should be the first deciding factor. If you only intend to update your social media accounts and have not decided yet what to do with the internet connection, there are entry-level packages to choose from. This way, you will not pay for bandwidth that you don’t use.


Next, know how many users and devices there are in the household? In 1995, you had your desktop or personal computer. In 2005, you may have replaced it with a laptop. In 2015, you may have both.


In 2017, you may have both a desktop and a laptop plus smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and so on. These may be mundane but multiple users using the web at the same time can greatly affect the data consumed. Then, if you have a digital TV, you may also need an internet package that is bundled with a digital tv package. Or if you are an entrepreneur or a remote worker, you may need to do phone calls or video calls through Skype or Google hangout from time to time. Remember, video streaming is not only limited to Netflix. Video chatting can also eat up data easily.


The good news is, there is always an Xplornet package right for your needs. So the next time you’ll ask a question “Is this Xplornet package right for my needs?”, round out your options first and be sure that Xplornet will be there ready to take care of your needs.

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