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Advanced Tech Security Protects Even When You’re Away


Customers that make the decision to choose Advanced Tech Security to protect their homes get several hardware options.  The most popular choices come down to the DSC 1832 or the DSC 9047. They are both in the PowerSeries, and each product has its pros. The big benefit of both is that you can’t go wrong with either one, since they each have cross features that will protect your home in the worst of events. So when you’re away, think of both of these models as the best line of defense in keeping your home safe.


The DSC 1832 is a reliable model that uses proven technology. Arming both the interior and perimeter defenses while you’re away is quite simple with this model.  As long as the doors and windows are closed, you’ll be safe and ready to leave your home for however long you choose. This unique feature protects windows, doors and other designated areas from break ins while you’re away. And since Advanced Tech Security also offers fire protection, the monitoring service will be set to check for fire while you’re away before it gets out of hand. Criminals won’t be able to disarm this system without facing serious consequences from the authorities.


Customers that end up with the DSC 9047 are getting a wireless system that can cover large homes, even when they take extended vacations. Small, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, the 9047 was made for advanced monitoring tactics in all types of homes. Using zones to protect your home while you’re away, if any of these zones are breached then an alarm will immediately sound. The 9047 was made to cut down on false alarms without causing real breaches to go unpunished. Advanced Tech Security is your go to place to get the DSC 9047 up and running to be in optimal condition while you’re away from home.


Remember that it isn’t a huge contest where there is a clear winner when it comes to the DCS 9047 and the DSC1832. They are both superior monitoring devices offered by Advanced Tech Security, and can protect your home even when you’re not in it. The strength of these devices is also tied to the services that you order with it, so always choose the best. No matter how far away you are from home, it will be protected like you were there the entire time. That’s the strength of both of these devices, and will continue to be why they’re so highly recommended.


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